quarta-feira, maio 06, 2009

"The Passing Moment"

They searched for the sodas on the floor. Even blind they knew who was there; they’d recognize it anywhere, anytime. Those have been the happiest of times and they would remember it always. “You came back” – Ana said while picking up her soda. Maria dropped to the floor searching for her own soda, with her eyes wheeling up in tears. Father Will smiled while looking at him. He knew how much long it passed and he knew just how much they’ve been through together. Although he had gained his trust, it was nothing compared to the feelings that were about to be shown.

He looked at them. There they where. After all this time, he didn’t lose them. After all this time, they didn’t die. He had thought that it had been his fault; he should be stronger, faster. He should have worked harder. He should have been able to protect them. It was his only job. After the boat accident he didn’t believe in anything anymore. He’d lost both his closest friends. If it weren’t for his little brother, he’d probably had killed himself. He couldn’t afford it. His little brother still looked up to him; he still needed to be protected. He couldn’t afford to cry. Not in front of him.

Now was different.

They were there. They were safe. And they had found someone else that could protect them. He glanced at father Will. He knew then that Will would take care of the girls for as long as he could. He knew that Will would protect them all of their lives. It would be more than he was able to do in all these years.

It was too much.

He dropped to his knees. He wanted to thank God that they were safe. He wanted to smile and hug them, and talk about what had happened after the boat. He wanted to be happy.

This time it was all alright. Nothing else bad would happen and he knew it. His eyes started to get wet. He tried to hold the tears back but the feelings behind them were too big. He cried. The hopelessness he felt for not being able to protect them. The despair he felt went they disappeared. The sorrow he felt when believed they were dead. The tears he didn’t shed then. They all came down now.

He wanted to scream, and jump. Nothing could have made him happier. Still he couldn’t even stop crying. The girls were also so happy that the tears roll over their faces. But they knew why he cried. They both felt the same way he did. The same hopelessness. The same despair. The same sorrow.

In the end, they’ve all found each other. They’ve made it through the hardships and destiny made it that they could find each other again. It was the greatest moment, and he was on his knees, crying.

That was the Passing moment.

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