sexta-feira, agosto 14, 2009



I'm the one that you tell everything
Hearing you till the end of time
I'm the one that keeps your secrets
Even if they darken me or make me shine

I'm the one that knows you most
Always ready to know something new
I'm the one that hides your demons
Traping them in my pages like glue

I'm the one you share your stories
May them be truth or fiction
I'm the one that's always pleased
Whatever may be your reaction

I'm your trusted friend
Who will always be here waiting
Ready to be opened
Ready to be writen

1 comentário:

Joao Teixeira disse...

off course :D

andei um pouco desligado destas coisas! mas vou voltar em peso!

esta tudo optimo comigo. contigo nem vale a pena perguntar, estás sempre optimo!