quarta-feira, outubro 13, 2010

International Suit Up Day

SUIT UP in honor of Barney Stinson, the suit-wearing womanizer we all love. If you don’t know who Barney is … ask your friends, they will tell you.

SUIT UP because suits are AWESOME, even if you don’t like Barney.

Things to do on International Suit Up Day
• Wear a suit to work
• Wear a suit to university
• Wear a suit in hospital
• Wear a suit to school
• Buy a suit
• If you see someone without a suit, tell them to go home and suit up, or convince them to watch How I Met Your Mother
• Drink in a suit – if you can find a bar called McLaren’s, drink there
• Party in a suit
• Play laser tag in a suit…. What up?

If you don’t have a suit, you’d better start looking for one right now.


Update: 13:26

Até que correu bem... apesar de ninguém saber o porque de eu estar suited up, houveram algumas almas carinhosas que sabiam qual era o dia.

Agradeço igualmente a quem me elogiou e disse que parecia sexy (mesmo que seja mentira).

Trocar agora de fato.


2 comentários:

SeventhDaughter disse...

Pfff, se eu soubesse arranjava um fato para grávida...


SeventhDaughter disse...

No blog do barney nao esta la nada sobre esse ''evento''

pelo menos que eu tenha visto