sábado, outubro 24, 2009

The end of the story

And just like that, after all the strife and fight, the dark warlock stood looking at them.

“That is our book but this is your fantasy. You are its hero” Said the warlock. “You let us free. Only you can finish the story.

Hope lit their eyes. There was an end.

“How?” asked Tom. “How can I stop it? I’ve already tried destroying the book, but it can’t be destroyed. How can I stop the story?”

The warlock walked over to them.

“Just like the story started with someone, that same someone must end too.”

“What does it mean? If I must give up fighting, I will. How can I end this?” said Tom in frustration.

“The story ends with its hero’s’ end.” Said the warlock bluntly. “Do you understand now?”

Sarah which had been in the back the whole time moved forward. Her expression could not be understood. Sadness? No, something deeper. She knew already what the warlock meant.

“Is there another way?” Asked Sarah. “After all we’ve done… It can’t end like that. Stories are supposed to have a happy ending.”

“True stories don’t have happy endings.” Answered the warlock.

“But we tried hard. We really did.” Said Sarah. It sounded much more like a plea.

“True stories don’t have happy endings.” Repeated the warlock

“I still don’t understand what I must do to end this” said Tom. He was totally oblivious to the meaning of the warlock’s words.

“You have to die” said Sarah. Already her eyes showed sign of tears. She would cry for him. She would miss him. “You have to die, so that the story can end”

“The girl understood.” Interrupted the warlock. “Do you understand now? You made this. It must end with you. Has soon as you die, we we’ll disappear.”

Sarah sunk to the ground, with hands on her face, crying.

“If I die, will she be ok?” asked Tom

“Yes.” answered the warlock

“And your people will disappear?”


“Do you promise?”

“We may be creations of the book, but we do have our pride.” Said the warlock.

Tom looked at the sky. “We’ll it was good while it lasted” A tear streamed across his face, but when he looked at the warlock, his face was firm.

“There must be another way” Said a sobbing Sarah. “You can’t die. Not now. Not now that…”

“I must.” Interrupted Tom. “Don’t worry, silly. It’s not like I’ll leave you. You’ll feel me in the rain. You’ll hear me in the wind. And I’ll be watching over you. I’m not afraid” Said Tom with a smile.” Although oblivious before, he now knew what he must do and was totally prepared for it.

“Then, how will I die? Excruciating pain? Freefall from the top of a mountain? Poison probably?” toyed Tom.

The warlock laughed. He remembered. Occasionally there were these kinds of heroes. Happy-go-lucky fools that were defiant to the end. The true stories were about these few that outlasted even their fear of death. These were the ones that truly lasted forever.


Mais um dos meus sonhos queridos e fofos. Ele é maior mas só me apetece é escrever o fim.

Espero que não esteja demasiado mal

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Corina de Oliveira disse...

Uma historia bonita por acaso :)

†Psyborg Girl† disse...

Foste premiado! Passa no meu blog ;D

Anónimo disse...

Muito bem! :)

Catarina Ramos disse...

Boa semaninha para ti econtunua a escrever assim!!

Beijinhos beijinhos!