terça-feira, agosto 05, 2014

The Loss

My dearest friend,

You do not know how much you will be missed. The hours we spent together are now loving memories. At first, I even thought you would be just a little sick. Maybe a pat here or a nudge there would fix it. But I was far to imagine the hell that would ensue. The time and time again looking for what ailed you and what could I do to help. But to no avail was this search. You would follow ahead of me.

You, my friend, will be remembered fondly. The adventures undertaken with you will be burned forever in my dreams. Remember when we entered the arena and left unscathed? Remember when we faced the old gods? Remember when we saw the new arise? Remember when we walked into the city after death and came back from it alive?

Rest well, my friend, for now you are on a better place. On a place where stories never end and adventures are always new.


My Kobo Touch

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asminhasquixotadas disse...

E agora um Kindle? Eu adoro o meu! Já tem uns bons aninhos (quase 4), mas continua em forma. :)

Corina de Oliveira disse...

tal como o meu :D

Corina de Oliveira disse...

R: será que queres mesmo saber? :p